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Portfolio Management

<strong>Portfolios Created For You</strong>

Portfolios Created For You

By taking a consultative approach we help you align your investments with your long term goals. Prior to any recommendation we will audit your current portfolio to ensure that our recommendations don't conflict with other accounts not held with us.

After careful consideration we will create a customized allocation and investment model. We keep an eye on your investments to ensure that the portfolio is aligned with your objectives. When necessary we will rebalance your portfolio to maintain the desired asset allocation. As life changes we can adjust and realign your portfolio with your evolving needs and goals. 

We structure broadly diversified portfolios that emphasize factor investing. Factors are well-documented drivers of higher expected return. We analyze certain factors such as Quality, Size, Momentum, and Value. These factors help us build portfolios around your goals and intended outcome. Rather than basing investment decisions on predictions of which way debt or equity markets are headed, we believe in holding a range of investments that focus on systematic and robust drivers of potential returns.

While taxes should never be the sole driver of an investment strategy, better tax awareness does have the potential to improve your returns. Among the biggest tax benefits available to most investors is the ability to defer taxes offered by retirement savings accounts, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and IRAs. By deferring taxes, you have the opportunity to grow your wealth faster.

Taking a conscious approach to how we manage your taxable investments is also important. For taxable accounts we implement strategies to minimize tax consequences of growth by harvesting losses. Our portfolios focus on using low turnover funds like index funds to minimize the capital gains that get passed along to you. We avoid funds that trade frequently which generate high capital gains for the investor. We also utilize municipal bonds for tax-free income. 

We believe that staying invested for the long-term is the key to successful investing. We utilize Risaklyze software to figure out what your risk number is. This allows us to set clear expectations and model a portfolio around your comfort level. Markets go up and they go down. By investing according to your personal risk number you have a better likelihood of staying invested and sticking to the plan.

What's Your Risk Number?