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Business Owner & Executive Services

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical to provide your key talent with the services and support that they need to help build and preserve their wealth. Our executive services solution helps your organization provide a robust program for executives while helping you meet all the regulatory requirements that come along it.

A cash balance pension plan is a defined-benefit plan. Many older business owners seek out these types of plans to turbocharge their retirement savings because of the generous contribution limits that increase with age. At retirement, participants can take an annuity based on their account balance, or a lump sum, which can then be rolled into an IRA or another employer's plan.

Intended to supplement a qualified plan, these plans are typically designed to provide future benefits to an executive or business owner in the event of retirement, death, or disability. They can be utilized as a paired funding technique for buy-sell agreements.

Designed to mirror a 401(k) plan, these plans provide executives additional opportunities for pre-tax deferral into a retirement program.

This type of plan provides subsidized life insurance coverage for executives’ beneficiaries.